Great Time to Buy a Lot

Now is a great time to buy a lot. Prices on lots have fallen further than prices on homes, creating an ideal opportunity for anyone interested in building, rather than buying an existing home. I have been trying to keep up with most of the available lot inventory in the South Charlotte area and can help steer you toward specific opportunities, if interested.

Send me an e-mail describing what you are looking for (price, location, large, small, desired surroundings, etc.) and I will give you some ideas. I am not a broker so I am not in this to get a commission. I am always looking at properties for my own inventory and for existing clients and am, therefore, familiar with a large percentage of what’s out there. Obviously, this enables me to meet people who may become future clients, but I enjoy the searching process either way.

It seems like most lots have fallen anywhere from 25% to 50% in value from what they were 3-5 years ago. When you combine this drop with a corresponding drop in the cost of construction of at least 10%, building a new home becomes a very attractive option. Even if you don’t plan to build anytime soon, securing a lot at the bottom of the market is a wise investment.

As a matter of fact, I just purchased two new lots in Reverdy Glen (not yet featured on the website) at enough of a discount to enable me to build houses around $500K. Located off Reverdy Lane near Providence HS and Carmel Baptist Church,  these lots are a great example of the opportunities that are available.