Here To Help You Align Your Desires With Your Budget

As a homebuyer, there’s the house you want, the house you wish you could have, and the house you need. We’ll help you align your desires with your budget by helping you create a prioritized list of “Wants, Wishes and Needs.” That list will become our reference point for all future decisions about your project.

Building Your Dream Home

Building a home is a major undertaking, to say the least. Fortunately, we have 20 years experience to help make things that much smoother.

From land selection to design and budgeting, and through the full construction and warranty phases, we’ll be here to keep your project moving smoothly.

Here’s how it will all come together.

1. First, we’ll work with you to choose the best home site available.

2. Then we’ll select the architect or residential designer best suited for your project.

3. The architect will then produce initial conceptual drawings with floor plans to scale, as well as a front rendering.

4. Following your feedback, we will prepare initial pricing estimates.

5. Once a final design has been agreed upon, the architect/designer will complete the working drawings.

6. Pricing is finalized.

7. It is only at this point, that you commit to using Kearns & Company to build your house.

8. Contract is signed.

9. We assist in securing the appraisal and financing in order to begin construction in a timely manner.

Already Got Your Lot And Plans?

We will be glad to bid on your project, if we feel there is a good fit with the client, the location and the type of house.

Use Us As Project Managers

To save money and maintain control of your construction process, you can simply hire us for Project Management. So, you’ll have our expert experience to supervise the project, while you maintain complete financial control of your project.

Here’s how the arrangement works:

1.  We create a budget and project specifications

2. We solicit subcontractor bids, order materials, manage the daily construction process (including all required inspections) and supervise any necessary warranty work.

3.  You will be the contractor of record. We would pull the building permit in your name and you would retain all financial and workmanship liability for the project and any subsequent warranty work

4. We would receive the invoices, log them into a job cost program and approve them for payment. You would then pay the invoices directly.

5.  As the Project Managers, we would be paid for our services monthly. This fee can be either a percentage of the project cost (cost plus) or a negotiated fee (flat fee), depending upon the owner’s preferences.

Contact Information:

Chris Kearns
Mobile: 704-309-2700

We would be happy to send a full reference list upon request.